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What Are The Different Uses of Hemp?

Before we jump into the topic about the different uses of hemp, let’s take a brief minute to discuss what it is and what it isn’t.

Many people confuse hemp with marijuana. Yes, both plants are members of the cannabis family, but that is where their similarities end. Hemp might be closely related to marijuana, but it doesn’t contain the high levels of THC than marijuana does. In other words, industrial hemp doesn’t get you high as the amount of THC it has is less than 0.3%.

So then what are the different uses of hemp? We explore it here.

What is Hemp Used For?

Although the most talked about use for hemp is CBD oil, that is not the only thing it is used for. Hemp dates back thousands of years, and throughout those years, it has been used successfully by people for a variety of purposes.a In some area’s farmers were even required to dedicate a portion of their land to grow it.

With how versatile these plants are, it was a shame that it was outlawed along with marijuana. The good news, though, is people are once again waking up to just how useful hemp can be. Let’s talk about the different ways it can be used.

Food and Nutrition Uses Of Hemp

For those who eat healthily and are open to exploring new recipes, you will notice many of them call for hemp seeds. You can find these seeds in various health food stores with or without their shell. They may not be marketed as hemp seeds; they are often referred to as hemp hearts. Other food products include protein and milk.

In terms of nutrition, hemp protein is what we call a complete protein as it contains all nine of the amino acids humans require from foods. Compared to almond milk, hemp contains more protein and healthy fats and fewer calories than cow’s milk.

Paper and Plastic

The use of hemp paper traces back to 200-150 BC, where China used it first for paper. Although China made the paper first, it was widely used by Ancient Egyptians for making paper, and the first draft of the United States Constitution was written on it. Hemp paper is made from either the hurd or the pulp of the plant. The hurd is known for better strength, but the pulp is just easier to work with. Plus, hemp paper doesn’t yellow in time, like the paper we currently use.

Although not as popular as paper, hemp is an excellent alternative to plastics. Considered bioplastics, the experts aren’t exactly how well hemp will work to replace our everyday plastic use. As it is a viable option, though, you might think replacing some plastic use is better than none.

These are only a handful of ways humans can use hemp. Hemp is currently being used as an alternative to cotton fibers in clothing and textiles as the fibrous stalks work well to weave into cloth. Others are talking about using hemp as an alternative to fossil fuels. The possibilities of hemp seem endless, and more ways to use this environmentally friendly crop are continually being discovered.

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