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Does CBD Hemp Help Arthritis Pain?

Many older motorcycle riders suffering from arthritis don’t realize that there is a viable alternative to heavier medications available over-the-counter: CBD hemp!

CBD for arthritis relief has been a well-known remedy in the cannabis industry for decades, but only recently are folks who aren’t normally interested in cannabis starting to try out hemp, a federally legal cannabis option for pain relief due to its abundance of cannabinoids, otherwise known as CBD.

What is CBD?

There are dozens of cannabinoids found the the hemp plant, while a low amount of THC (the maximum allowable by law) is found. While THC is psychoactive, CBD isn’t, but proves to aide in a number of ailments which the medical community has already recognized for years.

CBD Arthritis Relief Found In Medical Studies

While the FDA is still stuck with a hung jury on the benefits of CBD, the rest of the world is quickly catching up. Just a few months ago, Harvard Health published an article discussing just how beneficial CBD hemp is for arthritis pain, and it’s more than just a little eye-opening.

In the article, Senior Faculty Editor Robert H. Shmerling, MD discusses the benefits of CBD for pain relief in detail, citing an Arthritis Foundation poll that says, out of most CBD users polled, positive reports of improvement in feelings of well-being, better sleep, physical function and pain relief were abundant.

The studies cited are nothing to sneeze at. One study shows anti-inflammatory effects, as well as pain relief in animals. Another randomized trial of topical CBD being used for arthritis of the knee explores just how effective the compound can be in treating sufferers of joint pain.

A Fast Way To Absorb CBD

While trials and studies persist, the truth is already very clear to many of us: CBD hemp for arthritis pain relief is highly recommended by researchers and consumers alike.

One motorcycle enthusiast told us that there wasn’t much to think about when it came to smoking hemp.

“You can call it weed or cannabis or whatever, but it isn’t a party drug, it’s for pain management. I’d rather smoke this than a regular cigarette, and I’ve been gradually smoking more and more hemp over my usual tobacco cigs.”

As hemp becomes more popular, you are likely to hear about it in various circles, usually as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes since there are no additives and a litany of positive health benefits to CBD hemp, which is quite a contrast.

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